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Visiting Medical Practitioner Service

We are a Hong Kong based medical group which focuses on providing Visiting Medical Practitioner Service to NGO and Private Nursing home/ Elderly homes. Our teams have been currently serving over 100 homes and 6000 elderly all over Hong Kong. Each outreach team includes a Medical Doctor, assistant to doctor, and driver that provides immediate dispensary service and telephone support, so as to enhance elderly homes working efficiency. Regular visit or replacement for leave are welcome.  

Our service including:


  • On-site medical consultation and treatment (including medication);

  • Regular body-checkups;

  • Consent on applying restraints;

  • Staff Training on health care and infection control;

  • Health care nad promotional talk for residents and family member;

  • Review and advice on drug storage and hygiene audit for infection prevention and control;

  • Dietitian talk to resident and/or their family;

  • Annual check up for residents, Etc    


Our clinics branches also provide immediate backup for those who are in needs. Shall you have any questions or need any quotation, please email or call 9881 1628 for further assistance. 

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