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Outreach Testing for New Corona Virus and Issuing Test Result Certificates Service 

The details of the rapid test of the new coronavirus are as follows:

Hong Kong government designated transit laboratory (passing customs into China)

● Quick Deep Throat Saliva Test $ 1980 (Receive the sample to the designated place before 8:45AM. The test result will be available on the same day, depending on the work progress of the laboratory.)


● Quick deep throat saliva test $ 1380 (A dedicated driver will come to receive samples. After the laboratory receives the samples, the test results will be available within 24-48 hours on the day, depending on the laboratory work progress. Except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays .) Some samples may take more than 72 hours.

●Polymerase chain reaction PCR

●Can choose to make an appointment to the clinic for medical treatment or provide Tel-medical services through video calls (transport costs are borne by the customer) or provide on-site Western medical services (requires more than 50 people)

● Inquiry hotline 9881 1628

● The above charges already include the test result certificate issued by Western medicine

● Shop 3, G/F, Liyuan Building, No. 113-115, Rural Committee Road, Tuen Mun 2441-8896 (Tuen Mun West Rail Station)

● G/F, 7B2, 37-51 Youxin Street, Yuen Long 2475-7713 (by HSBC)

● Medical institutions have the right to ask some patients to seek medical treatment in the emergency department of public hospitals according to the actual situation

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